Silver Streak Boats
6864 West Coast Road
Sooke, BC V9Z 0V2

Toll Free: 1 (877) 659-4143
Local Phone: 1 (250) 642-5300

Why Silver Streak

– Durable Aluminum Boats

Aluminum boats require a lot less maintenance than fiberglass boats. Aluminum is more durable, longer lasting, and easier to maintain. All our boats are available with a selection of bottom paint options to meet your specific boating needs.

– Attention To Detail Since 1987

Andy Barry – Owner of Silver Streak Boats has been building a reputation for building the finest aluminum boats on the west coast since 1987. Find out for yourself why our aluminum boats are among the most sought after, both new, and used.

– All Welded Aluminum Boats

All Welded Aluminum Boats means there are no rivets or other seals or connections that weaken overtime, create leaks, and will eventually fail. Welded aluminum boats are among some of the toughest boats out there. Probably why they have become a staple of the west coast.

– Low Maintenance

Our aluminum boats require very little ongoing maintenance. No carpets to maintain, no wood to replace and clean. High quality electrical connections mean minimal effort to maintain. Outboard motors mean a simple “end of life” switch, and protect your investment.

A Letter From The Owner

Welcome to our website! We were one of the first boat builders to have a website (circa 1996!) and have upgraded or changed it a half a dozen times in 19 years. As always things have to stay updated with age of multi-media–nothing stays the same!

Our boats fall under the same category of “nothing stays the same” as our team is always implementing new ideas to compliment our existing product.

New ideas and some older ideas improved upon. Some of the changes you see and some you dont, for instance, our shock-absorbing offshore pedestals with chrome silicon coil springs, teflon bushings and added machine work.

Another example is our all existing and original reverse chine or what was originally initiated as a double chine 27 years ago.

The list goes on: Sound dampening and epoxy coatings for noise reduction and interior corrosion protection, insulated chain lockers, nyalic protective coatings on fuel tanks, exterior paint keeping your boat protected and looking new & upgraded hull graphics (super heavy duty/don’t wear or fade and tougher than paint!).

We have also implemented 3D modeling software through SolidworksĂ´ programming. We have moved from manual cutting to CNS water jet cutting producing exacting parts and minimizing waste.

Silver Streak Boats has also grown a dealership network so our boats can be viewed and purchased at various locations in Canada and the US.

We are currently in the planning stages or purchasing another property as we have out-grown the old 1960 Shell gas station that has been added onto and modified over the last 27 years.

At Silver Streak Boats our motto has always been to build maybe fewer boats than some of the competition but build them better! We want our customers to get a more usable, functional, longer lasting boat than what is out there. We prefer the wash n’ wear approach meaning no wood, carpet or plastic hatches out in the elements breaking down and consequently needing to be replaced.

We use all aluminum or stainless steel hardware for our doors, latches, handrails, hinges and decks.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished since 1987 from a ‘one man show’ with little to no equipment to a much larger facility and 25 full time staff (including my 4 grown children). We have new, up-to-date equipment, computers, software, 3-D designs and promote continued education amongst all of our staff.

We sponsor Metal Fabricator’s and Welders in their apprenticeships and send our mechanics, finishers, rigging techs, electricians and office staff to various educational training and courses to maintain their qualifications or improving their skills within the field.

I want to thank all of you who participated in making our business what it is today! We have had many great customers buy several boats or traded up/down, upgraded and passed their boats down to their kids who enjoy them now. Many customers have become close friends spending many a day fishing, crabbing, prawning, diving, jet boating, hunting, etc. in many parts of the country.

Some customers just call up to chat and to see what’s going on or catch up on the fishing news. We appreciate hearing from all of these great people that we are fortunate enough to call friends.

So, where do we go from here? Well I’ve never been one to predict the future (just like the weather, it’s always unpredictable) but its exciting to think about new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

One thing is certain…myself, my company, my friends and family will be around for years to come as we continue to build these boats and strive to build them better everyday!

With the new green theme and talks about climate change, Silver Streak Boats is adapting to these concerns as well. Even though we recycle our aluminum, shop waste, oils, fuels, etc. and build lighter, more fuel efficient boats, there will be more demands as time passes for the better of our world and our future generations.

Thanks for taking the time to read.