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Sooke Whale Watching

Posted on: April 19, 2021

In 2018 Sooke Whale watching saw the potential in a retired Silver Streak speed boat and brought this legendary vessel back to the water serving as a tour boat off of Sooke, BC. This year 2000, 28’0″ Offshore Silver Streak was a one-off construction specifically built to enter into a 580 nautical mile race around Vancouver Island. This boat circumnavigated around the Island on July 1, 2000 enduring some seriously rough seas and 30-knot winds but this boat prevailed crossing the finish line in Victoria Harbour unbeknownst to them as the only remaining participant. The time: 16 hours, 30 minutes and 32 seconds and the boat was worse for wear cruising to the finish with a smashed windshield, electronics ripped from their stations, two outboards barely hanging on to the transom and four extremely exhausted crew.

The race did not continue on after this and this boat was retired sitting empty for nearly 20 years before Paul of Sooke Whale Watching saw its potential.

After months of revitalizing and upgrading at Silver Streak Boats this speed boat was brought back to former glory. The ‘Racer’ proudly and swiftly transports sight-seers out to some of the best whale watching spots our coastline has to offer. Check out Sooke Whale Watching to learn more!