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The Issue with Dissimilar Metals on your Aluminum Boat

Posted on: April 5, 2021

The galvanic process that can take place on or around your boat will slowly (or quickly) corrode the aluminum hull of your boat if you are not careful. This process is caused by the storing of ‘dissimilar’ metals on your boat (for example, copper or brass fishing equipment) or the use of these metals in way of wiring or drain plugs. Having these metals present will begin electrolysis causing the Aluminum to disappear in the way of best described as ‘pitting’.

Want to prevent this from happening to your boat? This is where Zinc anodes comes into play–a cheap and efficient way to direct the electrolysis to the less noble of two metals. This is why your Zinc’s begin to erode and require regular replacement. Even the most careful boat owner must stay vigilant as electrolysis carries through water and impressively enough, even boats or metals floating nearby can negatively affect your aluminum hull.

We recommend keeping all dissimilar metals off and away from your boat including brass drain plugs.

Check and replace Zinc anodes often!