Silver Bullet Mufflers

Starting at: $199 CAD

NEW! Silver Bullet Mufflers

Starting @ $199.00 CAD / per unit

Designed by Silver Streak Boats Ltd for Mecury Sport Jet power sources. Reduces sound levels from 110 dB (stock engine) to approximately 80-85 dB in cockpit and lowers ambient noise levels from boats audible from populated shore lines.

Technologically advanced exterior muffling system.

Composed of an inner chamber fitted with a series of baffles and an outer chamber as an expansion chamber.

Attached through transom exhaust outlets on stock engines (custom mounts available).

Custom mounting system permits rapid attachment and removal.

Mufflers are below waterline but above hull bottom so they do not sustain any damage - good for boats with shallow draft (i.e. river boats).

Designed to allow maximum engine RPMs while not impeding factory backpressure parameters.

Made of robust, heavy-gauge aluminum pipe, these are a must for commercial or private boats that are powered with the Mercury Sport Jet.

Options available, including:
powder coating
custom mounts

VISA, Mastercard & Debit cards accepted
Shipping available.


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