Frequently Asked Questions

1. Frequent Questions

1.1. Why buy a Silver Streak?
1.2. Why Aluminum?
1.3. Some of the many other advantages.

2. Performance

2.1. Are they good sea boats?
2.2. Are they noisy?

3. How Do I Order One?

3.1. How do you go about ordering one?

1. Frequent Questions

1.1. Why buy a Silver Streak?
  • We have been in business since 1987, with a strong, proven history of well made boats and customer service excellence.
  • We use top quality aluminum, electrical components, canvas, paint, and upholstery materials.  We don’t strive to build a “cheap boat”; we just build a “better boat” backed by a lifetime pleasure use warranty on all weld seams, and to top it all off “we love what we do”.
  • We actually “use” our own boats, constantly testing them in the harshest conditions.  Whether it’s winning the cup for completing the circumnavigation race around Vancouver Island in 15 hours, to halibut fishing 60 miles offshore, or bouncing off rocks on a remote river on various hunting adventures, we are constantly driven to provide you with the most up to date, well thought out, tested product on the market today.
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1.2. Why Aluminum?
There are many advantages to owning an aluminum boat, such as those listed below;
  • Can be customized to suit your needs and uses.
  • Generally lighter than steel or fiberglass, therefore more fuel efficient and easier to tow.
  • Can be easily reconfigured at a later date.
  • Never rots – No wood relied upon for structural integrity.
  • No maintenance. A simple hose off makes your boat ready for your next adventure. No gel coat to polish, wood to oil, etc.
  • Virtually impenetrable. These boats are built like a tank and can bounce off most debris without any visible signs of damage.
  • Resale value is excellent as aluminum boats are the choice for law enforcement, security patrol and charter boats, and have uniqueness about them. Used boats on the market don’t typically last too long if they are from a reputable builder.
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1.3. Some of the many other advantages.
  • You can get them with various power options.
  • Custom colors.
  • Custom seating.
  • Robust and basic for commercial use or painted and dressed up for pleasure use.
  • “Turn Key”- Most boats go out of the factory fully outfitted by some of the best welders, fabricators, and electronics technicians in the industry, so your boat is water tested and ready to go upon delivery.
  • We can arrange delivery.  If you can’t make it, we take care of shipping and any paperwork or documentation that may be required.
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2. Performance

2.1. Are they good sea boats?
  • We build and test our boats on the open ocean and not on a lake.  They are stable, safe, and dry.
  • The boats are designed with various degrees of dead rise for cutting through the chop.
  • Generous free board to keep the boat dry, and occupants safe.
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2.2. Are they noisy?
  • Other than our open boats, we weld most of our weld seams continuously and where we don’t, we caulk all our seams to be void of any vibration.
  • We insulate our chain lockers so you don’t hear the chain banging against the hull, put sound dampening coating on the insides of some of our hulls, and all hatches and doors are insulated with rubber or neoprene so you don’t have any metal to metal surfaces.
  • We put self adhesive sound dampening materials on hatches and doors to void any resonating or vibration.
  • We spray flotation under decks and in various areas to ward off the water noise against the hull.
  • On closed cabin models, we fully insulate the bulk heads, head liners, and side shell, so you get little or no noise from outside the cabin and it’s easier to heat and keep warm from inclement weather.
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3. How Do I Order One?

3.1. How do you go about ordering one?
  • Once you have approved your quotation and are satisfied with what features you have ordered, we ask for a $2,000.00 deposit to get on the build list.
  • As it is first come first serve, depending on size and model you could wait from 3-12 months for delivery.
  • Typically, fall orders are completed by spring or summer, just in time for the fishing season.
  • Before we begin construction, we request a 50% deposit and once completed the balance is due before delivery. Balance is payable by certified cheque or confirmed wire transfer.
  • Keep in mind we only accept credit cards on your initial deposit of $2,000.00.
  • If you can’t make it to view your boat during construction, we can keep you posted by sending you some digital photos during various stages of construction.
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About Us

Our company began in 1987 with a desire to build a top quality boat for the people who most want them, fishermen, sportsmen, and the like.

Our mission quickly became, "To create a quality product at an affordable price for the avid outdoorsman and their families. We dedicate ourselves to promoting all watercraft activities for present and future generations to enjoy.

Being outdoorsmen ourselves, we appreciate the great outdoors.

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